Kennedy Boulevard had 700+ crashes in three years, safety review finds

Kennedy had 700+ crashes in 3 years, study finds
Posted at 1:27 PM, Oct 12, 2017

In three years, there have been 758 reported crashes on Kennedy Boulevard, according to a recently released safety review by the Florida Department of Transportation and Hillsborough County Metropolitan Planning Organization.

This review effort was meant to find opportunities to implement design and operation best practices to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety and comfort along Kennedy Boulevard, according to the findings.The study area ranged from Kennedy Boulevard from Westshore Boulevard to Brevard Avenue.

The safety review, prepared by Tindale Oliver, shows that in a three year period, three intersections had the highest number of crashes.

Kennedy Boulevard at Dale Mabry Highway – 88 total crashes
Kennedy Boulevard at Westshore Boulevard – 55 total crashes
Kennedy Boulevard at MacDill Ave – 50 total crashes

Not surprisingly, the 6?lane segment of Kennedy Boulevard east of Westshore Boulevard has the highest daily traffic volume, with an average daily traffic volume of 41,500 cars, the findings show. 

One of the bigger issues reviewers found were that there are 250 driveways on Kennedy in the study area. This can make it far easier to hit a pedestrian or cause a crash as there are more access points for cars to enter and exit Kennedy.

Now, FDOT is considering an option recommended by the study, which would be reducing the number of access points to the road by eliminating some abandoned driveways.