In wake of Donald's Trump's comments on women, hashtag #NotOkay going viral after Twitter question

Posted at 6:28 PM, Oct 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-11 20:37:38-04

Some mass communications students at USF also producer, writer and director Florida Focus, a news broadcast. Part of the curriculum is breaking down news worthy stories.

Senior Nadine Young discussed a tweet posted by a social media blogger on Friday night.

Kelly Oxford wrote "Women: tweet me your first assaults. The post prompted after a controversial tape emerging capturing presidential nominee Donald Trump making crude remarks about women.

"We had ethical questions, would you air this or would you want this out?" said Young.

Within 48 hours more than 27 million weighed in on the tweet. Many of them sharing intimate and painful details The reaction stunning Oxford but not the students.

"Even though it's important to have your own personal privacy. It's also important to put these things out there so people can really be aware and do something about it," said Nataly Copat.

Dr. Kelli Burms who studies social media at USF agreed.

"Thanks to social media it has made topics that we have not talked about before acceptable to talk about," said Dr. Burns.

But there's another key reason why Dr. Burns thinks this tweet is gaining momentum. 

She feels Trump touched upon a movement already gaining ground. She pointed to news stories of alleged assaults by big names like Bill Cosby and Anthony Weiner

"It's not surprising and  I think that the women in this country are tired of what's going on," said Dr. Burns.
"Social media makes it very easy for people to get on board with the movement. Even if it is something very private like the fact somebody has been sexually assaulted."

Burns said she can't weigh in if a tweet like this could affect the race. But the students, the millennials, both candidates so want in their corner and at the polls, have a much stronger reaction.

"People  may not watch the news, but they see social media and that can form opinions they can shape what they think so definitely social media can sway many things," said Young.