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Investigation discovers questionable treatment by some FL doctors in underserved areas

Posted at 2:22 PM, Feb 05, 2018

Across Florida are locations the state has deemed ‘areas of critical need.’  By definition, these are areas with too few doctors and a medically underserved population of patients in need of basic, primary care.  

Right now, nearly 750 Florida doctors hold a temporary medical license to practice in these so-called “areas of critical need.”

The license enables doctors who don’t qualify for a permanent medical license to practice in the Sunshine State as long as they only serve patients in state-designated and state approved areas of critical need healthcare facilities.  

But in a two-month long hidden-camera investigation, we found some of these doctors doing what West Palm Beach Dermatologist and Florida Board of Medicine member, Dr. Steven Rosenberg fears is a more widespread problem than what is ever reported.

“This is pretty scary,” he said after we showed him the results of our investigation.

See what we found and why our investigation is now prompting a statewide call for action by clicking here.