I-Team: Personal security cameras hacked, stream live on websites

Posted at 4:37 PM, Jul 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-06 02:57:35-04

Shocking video of people's private lives are streaming over the internet.

Hackers are tapping into personal security cameras and steaming them on websites. Most if not all the owners are unaware.

It's happening in Tampa Bay and the I-Team found some unbelievable video.
"It gets pretty scary, pretty quickly," said Stu Sjouwerman, a cyber security expert and CEO of KnowBe4 in Clearwater.

A Russian website allows users to click on almost any city and see into people's homes.

In Tampa, we found outdoor security feeds and indoor security feeds. There are two cameras streaming live video from the University of South Florida's volleyball court.

We found a naked man in Georgia walking around his home.

In Florida we found daycare center after daycare center -- babies in nurseries and school aged children. There's a young girl in Georgia sleeping in her bed.

"Very unsettling" says an anonymous father. He was streaming live while in his nursery changing his newborn. He had no idea.

"You have to watch everything because anything connected to the internet can obviously be accessed and probably pretty easily," he tells us.

Stu tells the I-Team it can happen in as easily as 10 seconds.

Here's how they're doing it. When you buy security cameras, the company gives you a default password. If you don't change it, your video becomes easy open game for hackers and websites to tap into your private life.

"Change the password of any device that you get in your house" Stu says.

Stu tells us there's greater risk.

Once someone can get into your cameras, they can tap into your network and later access other devices.

Stu says some websites are even selling recordings of your live stream video to porn sites.

"Once they catch something it can be sold, whatever it is," he said.

Cameras are live streaming on this particular site from Tampa to Sarasota, and all over Florida.

Bottom line, change your password and change it fast if you haven't already.

Otherwise you never know who's watching.