I-Team: Bus driver still on payroll after DUI

Posted at 6:51 PM, Apr 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-07 00:56:41-04
A Pinellas County School District bus driver is accused of driving drunk, and the I-Team found he's still been collecting paychecks for months.
The district's officials tell us they're waiting for the courts to conclude his case.
Timothy Smith, 57, was charged with driving under the influence.
Florida Highway Patrol troopers said Smith was drunk and ran into a car, which hit another car.  
Both of the vehicles hit had two children inside. No one was seriously injured, but there was property damage.
Troopers say Smith's eyes were "red, bloodshot, and glassy." His speech was "slurred".
According to reports obtained by the I-Team, Smith failed two breathalyzer tests.
On FHP's in-car video you can see he had trouble with his balance in his field sobriety test.
Then the trooper places him under arrest for DUI.
Since his arrest, Pinellas County school officials say they have reassigned him to work at the district's fuel pumps.
Other bus drivers tell the I-Team Smith is usually seen sitting around the lounge and drivers fill up their own gas.
The day we visited, we only spotted Smith come outside to smoke, then walk back inside.
The I-Team has also learned Smith isn't the only employee who's been arrested and is still getting paid.
Pinellas School officials confirm 26 other employees in the district have been arrested and are still getting paid until their court case resolves.
We asked how long each of those 26 cases has been going on.
We also asked who they were with, and what positions they hold, as well as what were they arrested for. Officials refused to tell us, saying "we're under no legal obligation to do so."
Pinellas County school officials refused to be interviewed for this story.
Timothy Smith isn't expected back in court until May and that's just for a pretrial hearing.
It's possible he could be paid for months to come.