How to avoid the politics fight on Thanksgiving

Website provides hot line
Posted at 6:20 PM, Nov 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-22 18:20:50-05

The Beckley's are getting ready for the holidays. The family of six are heading to Kate Jackson park in South Tampa to take the annual Christmas family photo. But they have to get through Thanksgiving first! The issue? They are tired over political talk. Even the kiddo's. 

"It is kind of getting out of hand," said Kennedy, 12.

Nine-year-old Keeley chimed in, "Thanksgiving is about thanks and we don't have to talk about politics!"

Mom and dad, Natalie and Ryan, agree. There's been enough debate this election cycle they said to last a lifetime.

"Arguments articles being posted, back and forth between both sides and who should be president and who shouldn't," said Natalie with a laugh.

 "It can get pretty heated where people just have to leave the room," said Ryan.

The debate is still raging weeks after the election and it is spilling into the holidays.  

A new ABC poll found more than a third of Americans are so stressed over political talk at Thanksgiving just as many want to skip the festivities altogether.

"I am leaning to you know 'table the talk'," said Ryan.

That is exactly what experts across the country are suggesting. But inevitably, "I am sure something will slip in it tends to happen," said Ryan.

So if talk of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump talks starts taking over the table, here's are three tips:

Focus on Aunt Ruby's gravy recipes, bring up Black Friday shopping and if that doesn't work create a diversion --even it means spilling that gravy. And if that still doesn't work help is just a touch away.

Etiquette Guru Lizzie Post partnered with Bob Evans restaurants creating a new type of holiday help line.

A 9-11 of sorts if political talk starts leaving a really bad taste.

"I  bet you will have people who call in or use the app for sure," said Natalie

'If anything can help people that's great as for me," said Ryan.