Habitat for Humanity needs help opening ReStore

Posted at 5:28 PM, Dec 29, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-29 18:02:33-05
Right now, Habitat for Humanity of Hillsborough County is just days away from a critical deadline. The organization that helps hundreds of bay area families put a roof over their head is issuing a desperate call for help.  
Inside Habitat for Humanity of Hillsborough County's new ReSTORE, staff and volunteers are in a race against the clock.
Volunteer Rhea Robinson is helping them get everything ready for their Jan. 9 grand opening. When it opens, she will be one of the people benefiting as she is in line for a new home through Habitat.
"Inside, I'm like yes, yes, exciting," Robinson said. "It's thrilling. It's a sigh of relief. Something I can call home."
This new ReSTORE is a combination of a thrift store and a home improvement store. The public can come in and buy books and furniture, but also new or gently used appliances and more. You can also donate. The money all goes toward building new homes.
But right now, Habitat needs to make sure the ReSTORE is actually ready for the grand opening.
"We desperately need volunteers to come in, help us move merchandise in," said Tina Swain, Habitat for Humanity executive director.
There's so much stuff to do and not enough people to help them do it. Habitat is asking for people who can help move items, price merchandise, paint and more before Jan. 9.
"Any kind of volunteer, they don't need to have experience, they just need to be willing to help," Swain said.
They're asking you go on Habitat's website and click on the volunteer tab to get involved.
If the ReStore doesn't open on time, families like Robinson's who are in need of a home in this community could be put at risk.
Free Appliance Removal
And as they open the new ReStore, Habitat says they can make remodeling much easier and cheaper for you. They are also now offering to come in and rip out old appliances and more for free.
"It can be anything: Doors, sinks, appliances," Swain said.
The ReStore will take your older cabinets and gently used appliances and resell them. The proceeds help build new homes for families in need.
"You get your tax deductible donation and we get some great product," said Anne Westmoreland, ReStore Manager.
That also means the public can come in and buy gently used home appliances for a whole lot cheaper than you'd pay in a traditional store.
How much money can you really save? ABC Action News found cabinets in the ReStore that retail at about $2,500. But there, you can purchase them for about $895.
"Some of the cabinets are less than five years old," Westmoreland said. "New people move in, it's not their style, they want to get something new."
Managers say the best part is through your purchase or donation you are helping people in your own community.