Floridians line up for fuel, prepare to evacuate ahead of Irma

Fuel supply steady despite demand
Posted at 11:16 PM, Sep 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-06 06:50:22-04

Driving around the Tampa Bay area there were definitely a lot of people rushing to fill up. We saw some pumps that were packed with people waiting in line and others just down the street that were completely empty.

At this point, there are some stations that are out of gas and awaiting tankers to refill them.  But, the majority in the Bay Area were operating at normal capacity with a few angry motorists waiting in line.

“I'm filling up the wife's car making sure she has gas trucks filled up. I ain't staying here,” Curt Page said.

According to Patrick DeHaan, Senior Petroleum Analyst, National (USA) / Midwest, with GasBuddy, “Motorists in some areas may start to see relief as refineries get back online and gasoline begins to flow again. However, with Hurricane Irma’s track hard to nail down, there may be varying impacts as a result. Gas prices are unlikely to see a similar increase with Irma if the storm does not target the sensitive heart of the Gulf, where much of the South’s oil infrastructure stands.”

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Some gas station in the Tampa Bay Area ran out of gas Tuesday as drivers lined up for fuel.  At this point, there are no reports of major shortages in our area.

"There are cargos of gasoline headed for Florida, and Gulf Coast refiners are getting back online," DeHaan said.

Motorists we spoke to said they are praying this is just a test run and the storm misses Florida altogether.

“I'm hoping everything will be great it will be a day off of school and sunny,” Holly Patrick said.

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