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2 charged after alligators found hanging from window of overturned SUV

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Posted at 10:02 AM, Dec 17, 2021

Two Florida men were charged after admitting to killing two alligators this week.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission posted about the incident that happened in Hardee County on their Facebook page.

According to FWC, an officer on scene of a crash saw a 6 ½ -foot and 8-foot-long alligator hanging from the rear window of an SUV resting on its side.

FWC does not know how the crash happened or why the vehicle was on its side.

The officer immediately removed the gators from the vehicle and, just to be safe, secured their mouths using electrical tape.

After interviewing the two people there, one of them admitted to killing the alligators while fishing, and then both suspects loaded the gators into the SUV for transport.

Both alligators died and both suspects were charged accordingly, the agency says.