Flooded animal shelter back open after Bradenton community came to their rescue

Nate's Honor Animal Rescue took on too much water
Posted at 5:02 PM, Aug 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-02 17:02:46-04

A great update today on one of the more urgent situations that unfolded during Tropical Storm Emily.

Dozens of people rushes to help a Bradenton dog rescue shelter that was flooding during the storm.

It was an unprecedented flooding situation at Nate's Honor Animal Rescue on Lorraine Road.

"Oh! You traipsed through the puddles and it was sopping sopping wet," remembers Sue Miller, who was among the people who came to the shelter for the first time to help the dogs that day. "The water was going into the kennels, into the little houses, the shelters outside."

Miller had come to the shelter when she saw their post online requesting help, asking for people who could temporarily open up their homes as fosters for their dogs, at least until the flooding stopped.

"I came, I didn't do anything else, I didn't even think to bring a crate in my car!" says Miller, but still offered, "I can take as many as you need!"

Nearly 70 dogs in total were moved to foster homes that day.

On Wednesday, some people returned those dogs to the shelter, but not all!

Miller posted a picture of one of the two fosters she helped, and now one of them has already been claimed.

Shelter managers say several of the dogs fostered during the storm may end up staying with those families as well.

Miller understands -- her three dogs at home came to her that way as well.

"Every once in a while nobody wants them and you just wind up with them and you just love them forever! And that's okay too," says Miller.