FDOT aims to fix SR 674/Balm-Wimauma Rd after four road deaths

Posted at 6:28 PM, Apr 28, 2017

FDOT is looking to add a safety improvement project to address four fatal crashes along the SR 674 corridor. 

It was determined that the crashes at the intersection of SR 674 and Balm-Wimauma Rd were due to a super-elevation issue. Workers are looking to evaluate and implement a safety project to address curve at the intersection.

The project proposes the following improvements:

  • Extend the eastbound to northbound left turn lane from SR 674 to Balm Wimauma Road to 683 feet per Index 301 and PPM Chapter 7 based on the current traffic volumes.


  • Modification of the southbound to eastbound approach to eliminate the acceleration lane/radius/free flow condition. The current condition puts stopped southbound to westbound vehicles nearly parallel with traffic while trying to merge, making it a more difficult condition to judge oncoming traffic.


  • Enhance the super-elevation on the curve at Balm-Wimauma Road per the original design task and rebuild the southbound approach to SR 674 to match the new elevation of the high edge of the curve.


  • Implement oversized chevron signs for the curve in both directions. Implement oversized solar-powered stop ahead sign with flashers for southbound Balm-Wimauma Road and raised rumble striping per standard index 517.