EXCLUSIVE: Victim of alleged road rage case involving former USF Player Hassan Childs speaks

Posted at 6:40 PM, May 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-23 02:38:59-04

Tears and nightmares are now a constant in Jenna Jimenez's life.

"How he harmed me as a mother and how he harmed my husband, this is something I will never, never forgive him ever," said Jimenez.

Even hugging her three-year-old son Jonah brings back the terror from two months ago.

"It was just scary, I tried grabbing him, my husband, and my kid!" cried Jimenez.

Jimenez walked us through her ordeal. Tampa police arrested USF player Hassan Childs for pulling a loaded gun in the case of alleged road rage. USF also dismissed the 22-year-old from the team.

"It was us or it was him, so we did just the right thing," said Jimenez.

She said they were minutes away from their home at Eagles Point Apartments in New Tampa when Childs got uncomfortably close and pulled up to them.

"All he told him was it looks like you are in a hurry. We have our kid in the back seat. Go ahead and pass us," Jimenez said her husband told Childs.

But she said Childs didn't, instead getting into a heated exchange.

"He lowers the window and says what did you say mother expletive, that's all I heard," said Jimenez.

And then it's what she saw that she said she will never forget.

"He got a gun he got gun! Go, go go," she said she told her husband.

But, her husband had a gun too.

"I heard three shots and I went down I tried grabbing my son from the side you know," said Jimenez as tears rolled down her cheeks. She immediately called 911.

"Come now! There were shots, I don't know if my son got shot," said Jimenez.

Her family escaped unharmed. Her husband shot Childs three times in the arms and chest.

Jovanni Jimenez does not face any charges for protecting his family. But Jenna Jimenez said some have questioned his actions. It's one reason she wanted to speak.

"What would you do? What would you do when your family's life is on the line? All you could do is react," said Jimenez.

They're so traumatized, they've moved from their home and now with live with their parents.

They are also upset because the state attorney's office said they will pursue two charges of assault against Childs and not three.

Prosecutors said that is the law, even though Jonah was also in the car, they cannot prove without a reasonable doing the child knew he was in imminent danger.

It angers Jimenez.

"He is my only son, I know he is traumatized too. He say sometimes Daddy had to shoot someone," said Jimenez. "I want him (Childs) to have max time I want justice that is what I want."

It's her only hope to get life back as she knew it.

"I feel part of me he killed that night," cried Jimenez.

We have tried to speak to Childs' family. They have not commented.

Childs goes back to court in June.