Drone owners required to register with the FAA

Posted at 11:37 PM, Dec 14, 2015

Whether they're documenting disasters, dropping packages or even following jaws, one things for sure: Drones are everywhere.

"It has auto-leveling, it flips, it records videos," said Shawn Morse, showing off one of this season's most popular gifts.

Morse from Archie's Hobbies and Helis says the remote-controlled, tree-buzzing machines are literally flying off his shelves.

"Inventory's constantly selling out," said Morse. "I'll get out of one, then another one will sell, and i'll be out of that one and another one will sell."

But with all the new amateur pilots hitting the skies, new rules back on the ground look to take some control back. The FAA will now be requiring the pilots to register their drones in a national data base.

"You can see this is a flying blender so essentially you could do some serious damage to property and or people with this," said Morse who calls flying drones a great responsibility.

Beginning December 21st, the new rules will require the pilots to submit their name, address and email to the FAA. This is a requirement for any drones weighing .55lbs but under 55 pounds. All Pilot are expected to be registered by February 2016.

"I have no problem registering," said avid drone pilot David Outzs. "Lets be honest, its five dollars, if you do it in the first thirty days they're going to refund the money back to you anyway and it's three years before you have to register again."

And again, FAA officials say they aren't trying to stop the industry from taking flight, just getting more accountability from those behind the controls.

The new rules also apply to remote control planes and helicopters. Children under the age of 13 will have their parents register.

Registration fee is waived if completed before january 21st.