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Doctor offers tips to get healthy in 2020

The Mediterranean diet doesn't benefit everyone, study says
Posted at 5:02 AM, Jan 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-07 16:35:26-05

On January 1, many people vow to do whatever they can to lose weight and be more healthy. But, that comes with sacrifice.

"All of a sudden this crazy woman is telling them no more chicken, no more meat," Dr. Faith Felder said. " I want you to eat a whole food plant based diet."

Dr. Felder's practiced medicine for more than 20 years and says although you may be tempted to try fad diets to lose the weight fast, don't do it. For example, Dr. Felder isn't a big fan of Keto.

"It's more animal based and sure you're going to lose the weight, but at what expense," she said.

And the diets could have unintended consequences.

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"You elevate your cholesterol. Now, you're at increase risk for heart disease," Dr. Felder said. "I don't want you to be skinny in a coffin, that doesn't make any sense."

The best thing you can do is change your diet one bite at a time.

"Focus on that meal and say how can I make it the best meal for me," she said.

So if you're starting with breakfast, here's what Dr. Felder suggests.

"Eliminate the bacon and just have the eggs, instead of white toast lets do wheat, instead of grits lets do amaranth," she said.

The biggest tip she has is to be patient.

"You might not see it on the scale initially and that will come," Dr. Felder said.