Couples left in the dark after wedding venues close

Popular wedding venues close, with no explanation
Posted at 8:10 PM, Jul 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-27 20:10:28-04

Couples around the Bay and even out of state fear they’ve lost thousands of dollars after two popular wedding venues appear to have suddenly closed. 


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Several calls to the owner of the 1930 Grande Room and the Ivy Astoria in Ybor City went unanswered Thursday, both Facebook pages no longer available. 


“It’s just a disaster,” said Kayla Goodwin who booked a wedding at 1930 Grande Room for next March. 


She and her fiancee, Orlando Echevarria fear they may not get the $5200 they’ve paid so far back. 


They were told by an employee for the venue last month that the owner would be out for a few weeks because of she was sick and had a family emergency. 


They were assured everything was okay. 


However, Eehevarria hasn’t heard from anyone since despite attempted calls and emails. 


“It makes it very difficult for us to try to scramble,” he said. 


Laura Newton says she and her fiancee paid nearly $2400 to reserve the same space for next May. 


She too fears she may never get that money back. 


ABC Action News left the owners several messages, with no response. 


None of the owners were at either venue on Thursday, although one person who identified themselves as a friend of the realtor associated with the space was at the Ivy Astoria and could only say they were there looking at the space. 


Court records show a trustee, which originally filed for a Ch. 13 bankruptcy, filed to change to a Ch. 7 bankruptcy on


Thursday, stating the debtor, who is associated with the company that rents each venue hasn’t paid what they owe. 


A representative for Florida Commercial Group, which owns the spaces where both venues are located, says they and the owners reached a mutual agreement for them to move out.  


They couldn’t say when that agreement was made, but say they are now looking to lease out the spaces. 


They say any coulee who may be affected by the closings to contact them as they are willing to help. 


A coordinator with the Tampa Club is also willing to help any couples who now need a place to go. 


Eehevarria and his fiancee say they plan to keep their wedding date as is, now looking at other spaces. 


However, they’ve noticed many venues are already booked. 


“They could have just done things differently so people wouldn’t be in panic mode,” said Goodwin, “because this is a huge deal.”