Business owners clean up after tornado damages buildings during Tropical Storm Emily

NWS confirms tornado touched down during Emily
Posted at 4:16 PM, Aug 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-01 16:16:28-04

Several Bradenton businesses are cleaning up after a small tornado damaged buildings during Monday’s tropical storm. 

The National Weather service confirmed on Tuesday it was a tornado that passed through a little more than a mile stretch just west of Bradenton, the 80 mph winds ripped the roof off a shed at Orban’s Nursery. 

The storm also damaged some of the greenhouses. 

“I’ve never seen the winds like this,” said Marty Orban, who owns the nursery. 

He’s owned the business for 40 years and says this is the worst storm he’s experienced so far. 

“It’s discouraging you know, “ he said, “it just means more work and more money to rebuild things.” 

None of his plants were destroyed, but he estimates close to $100,000 worth of damage that isn’t insured. 

A nearby farmer’s market was also damaged, no one hurt in either case. 

Orban is now focusing on cleaning up as fast as he can as they prepare for poinsettia season. 

“It’s just part of being a farmer you know, part of being a business owner,” said Orban, “there’s setbacks and you just have to move on.”