Buckhorn offers message to Muslim community in wake of travel ban

More than 60,000 visas revoked in travel ban
Posted at 6:37 PM, Feb 03, 2017

Tampa mayor Bob Buckorn had a stern message Friday at the Islamic Society of Tampa Bay, denouncing President Trump's travel ban. 

Trump signed the executive order which bans people in seven countries from entering the US. 

The countries,Syria, Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Sudan are predominantly Muslim. 

Mayor Buckhorn spoke in front of a full room of people at the society's mosque during afternoon prayer, calling the ban a "Muslim ban." 

"Whether of not we can affect the actual ban itself is probably limited," he said after the service to reporters, "but I think the president and the nation needs to know that America's mayors are standing with our Muslim brothers and sisters." 

He and a handful of other mayors are planning to take legal action against and lobby against the ban. 

On Friday, the State Department revealed some 60,000 visas have been revoked as a result of the executive order. 

"That is the ramifications of an ill conceived, ill prepared, ill though out executive order," said Buckhorn

President Trump released a statement earlier in the week regarding the ban stating: 

"This is not about religion- this is about error and keeping our country safe.  There are over 40 different counties worldwide that are majority Muslim that are not affected by this order." 

The statement isn't enough to convince Muna Al-Asser, a Muslim, who attended Mayor Buckhorn's speech. 

"I am the first to say I want safety," she said, "and I'm the first to say it's okay to ask about somebody's background and to find out who are these people who are coming to join us. But to say you are not going to join us because of where you come from? That is not America."