Latest release of Las Vegas mass shooting materials contains hours of video, 911 calls

Posted at 11:13 AM, Jun 13, 2018

On June 13, Las Vegas police released almost 30 video files with hours of police body-cam footage and approximately 500 recordings of phone calls from the night of the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Some of the video shows officers as they are responding to the scene and put their gear on. Other video shows police officers already on the Route 91 festival grounds, taking cover as multiple gunshots are being fired, and then helping civilians to safety. There is also video of police officers clearing rooms inside of Mandalay Bay and helping the wounded at the scene and at local hospitals. 

There were many scenes of police officers taking action in responding to people approaching them and asking for help. One man who had gone to transport an injured person ran up to an officer and asked for help to get his wife to safety. The officer immediately took off running and leaped over a fence to find the woman. By the time they reached her last known location, she was not there anymore. 

You can watch the scene in the video below. Viewer discretion is advised.



One video shows a young woman telling her father that she loves him and shows the police officer then texting someone on his cell phone, possibly prompted by the young woman's emotional phone call to her father.

The video below shows this raw, emotional scene at the Route 91 Festival grounds. We have blurred the faces of the people involved but have not made any edits to the audio. Viewer discretion is advised.



The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has been releasing related documents, video etc. connected to the worst mass shooting in modern history after being ordered to do so by the court as the result of a lawsuit filed by multiple media organizations, including 13 Action News.

This is the 6th batch of records to be released by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. 

Sheriff Joe Lombardo said earlier this month that a final report from the FBI is expected in July. Other than that, Lombardo and the FBI have refused to comment on the material. Despite the possibility of a report from the FBIA, we've heard that a full release of all materials connected to the investigation could take several additional months.