IRS warns of new tax refund scam

Posted at 9:27 PM, Mar 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-14 18:59:55-04

The IRS is warning about a realistic twist on the old scam.

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You likely have gotten a call from the robotic voice of the guy who is trying to get you to pay a tax bill that you don't owe.

But do you know Sue Wang with Debt and Credit Consulting Services? 

The IRS said that's the alias for a fake debt collection company, which claims to be acting on behalf of the agency.

Scammers are stealing client information from tax preparers and filing phony returns, according to an IRS press release.

The twist? They're sending real money to taxpayers accounts.

That's where Sue comes in. After the unexpected deposit, you'll get a phone call from Sue with knowledge of your email with your name, birth date, even social security number. It has just enough accurate information to get you to their bogus website.

The IRS provided Let Joe Know with redacted screenshots of the site. Parts of the site say, "you may be puzzled by an erroneous payment from the IRS..." and they've been hired to "collect it."

That site is down now. But the IRS says the scam is growing fast. It's gone from hundreds to thousands of victims in just days.

So protect yourself.

If you get a scam IRS payment, call your tax preparer and the IRS, then: Don't spend it. You'll have to return the money with interest. Still, have it? Your bank can return a direct deposit to the IRS. If you received a paper check write "void" on the front and back, then mail it back.

Click herefor exact addresses of where to mail the check.