Video of sharks eating tarpon causes stir online

Posted at 5:38 PM, Jun 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-24 17:44:12-04
A video showing Tampa Bay area captain Artie Price holding a tarpon is causing a stir in the fishing community.
The video posted by "Save the Tarpon" shows Price holding a tarpon and then several sharks come up to his boat and eat the fish.
The group is calling for an investigation, because they believe it violates state fishing policies.
"Holding a tarpon of any size at the boat so it can be torn apart by sharks for the customer's amusement isn't our definition of catch and release," said a group member.
Capt. Price said the video was taken out of context. He released this statement:  
"With 15 or 20 bull sharks trying to eat this fish when I took the hook out I held it thinking they wouldn't eat it right besides [sic] the boat, but it's obvious they did. Sorry for the fish, but if I would have dropped him it would have been the same outcome," Price said.
Local fishermen had different viewpoints.
"He held it next to the boat and he continued to hold it there," said Avinoam Freedman.
"His hand could have been up in the gills where he couldn't let go," said Bob Larkin.
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission authorities said they are investigating.