Uh oh! Defective Hatchimals leave kids, parents upset

Posted at 4:42 PM, Dec 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-28 16:42:40-05

First, the biggest toy craze of the 2016 holiday shopping season was impossible to find and now complaints are filing in from unhappy consumers.

Hatchimals weren't able to stay on store shelves, and then they were sold double and triple the retail value by third party sellers across the country.

But, just days after Christmas customers are firing back on social media telling the manufacturer, Spin Master, how unhappy they are about the interactive toys not hatching leaving parents no choice but to force them open.

Some also having issues with the interactive toy inside.

Spin Master responding to complaints on its website saying, "we are 100% committed to bringing the magic of Hatchimals to all of our consumers."

The company went on to say that they are working to prove the best service possible, "we have increased the number of Consumer Care representatives, extended our hours, and increased the capacity for callers in the queue to help prevent calls dropped due to the holiday volume."

They posted these tips on

  • Changing the batteries which may have worn out during the Hatching process
  • Turning the plastic ‘locks’ located underneath the egg 90 degrees and pulling them out from underneath the egg will activate the hatching process
  • If your Hatchimal is falling asleep while you are holding it, simply put it down for a minute or two before picking it back up to wake it

The company would not answer inquiries about the claims process or how long it would take for a new one.