Channelside residents helps give guard new smile

Posted at 4:33 PM, Apr 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-18 17:29:52-04

A Tampa security guard and single mother of three received a gift that she never thought would happen: A brand new smile thanks to residents at Towers of Channelside. 

"I thought I would go to my grave like this," Samantha Wilson said. 

BACK STORY | Channelside residents help Samantha smile again

Wilson said she neglected her care and priorities for her three kids while working two and three jobs to clothe them, feed them and make sure their dental and vision needs were met. 

In December we first met Wilson when she found out she would receive a full dental procedure after residents at the luxury condominiums came up with $10,000. 

“I hide my face when I smile,” she said then. 

Dr. Jason Edwards, an oral surgeon living at the condos, is doing a $40,000 procedure at cost.

“What we are going to do is remove her non-restorable teeth. Level the bone, do some tissue stuff so she goes home with teeth in a day,” he said.

After months of appointments to prepare her mouth for the procedure, Wilson has in her temporary teeth. 

"I can't figure out how to eat like you would normally," she said. It's a painful process for Wilson that has left her with swelling, bruises and excruciating pain. But, it's all worth it. 

Janet Brantner, lives at the luxury towers, and said the residents came together to help Wilson with dental costs because of how she goes above and beyond for them every day. 

"They keep saying they don't want repayment, but I got to do something. I just don't know what."

As we told her, maybe a simple smile will do. 

"I didn't even know that many people in these buildings cared about me, but I guess I was wrong," said Wilson, fighting back tears. 

In the coming weeks, Wilson will have a donated makeover by a local salon.