Local inventor sees hope for head injuries

Posted at 6:02 PM, Feb 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-11 18:02:54-05

We've seen the hard hits on the field and we've heard the outcry for tougher rules -- even tackle-football bans.

Now, a Tampa inventor has a better idea for a more high-tech helmet.

"It's a non-Newtonian dilatant fluid," explained inventor Dan Krevsky.

"It's like a shock-absorber," he said. "It will absorb and dissipate energy -- that's what this is and it's formed in for use in under inside a helmet."

And this will work on any kind of helmet?

"If you're playing football, baseball, lacrosse, horse-riding -- people are looking at this now," said Drevsky.  "So anybody who's worried about getting hit with some kind of a contact hit with a helmet -- this is the product."

This silly-putty like stuff was initially designed to enhance bullet-proof vests.

Dan says he just started tinkering with the stuff and created the head-gear. After registering designs, his marketing guy came up with the name "HITTPG."

"Which stands for High Impact Transfer Technology Protective Gear,"  according to Director of Sales Greg Driscoll.

Wholly different from the current padding and webbing in current helmets, the HITTPG men say this extra layer can be easily added in for up to 80% reduction in impact for only $99 apiece.

There's been big interest from helmet manufacturers, sports safety sponsors, and well, everyone who's interested in keeping their head together. 

"So that can be a PeeWee Football player all the way up to a 55-year-old guy who rides his bike up and down the main road," added Driscoll.

The headgear is available on and also on the manufacturers website at