#22KILL: A push-up challenge for vets

Posted at 10:02 PM, Mar 30, 2016
A new challenge is making its way around social media to raise awareness for veterans. 
You may recall the ice bucket challenge that helped raise awareness and money for people diagnosed with ALS. #22KILL is an initiative to raise awareness for veteran suicide.
According to the Department of Veteran Affairs, 22 veterans commit suicide a day.
The company, Honor Courage Commitment, Inc., started #22KILL to raise awareness to the suicide epidemic across the United States and to educate the public on mental health issues. 
According to the website, #22KILL believes the way to help veterans is to help vets find a sense of purpose after service. 
Bridget Donovan and Melissa Trinidad, both of Tampa, have taken the challenge this past week. The two met up at Tampa Sports Academy to explain more about the challenge.
"I'm on day three of the challenge.," said Trinidad. 
The challenge includes doing 22 push-ups a day, for 22 days. The idea is to tag a friend on social media after each set of push-ups.
For Donovan, she's already seen a response here locally.
"These videos are getting a lot of likes. A lot of views," said Donovan.  "I think it's effectively raising awareness of the issue."
Honor Courage Commitment has posted a live interactive map for help in our area.