No voting issues reported in Hillsborough

Posted at 5:35 PM, Mar 15, 2016
Voting in the Hillsborough County area have been running smoothly since this morning when polling locations opened at 7 a.m.
About 35% of registered voters in Pinellas County have already cast their ballot either today, by mail or early vote.
In Hillsborough County, more than 30% of registered voters cast their ballot. 
At the Robert L. Gilder location in Tampa people were in and out within 10-20 minutes. 
Majority of the people stopping by were dropping off their mail-in ballot. Many voters told ABC Action News that they had to bring in their mail-in ballot because they were undecided until the last minute, forgot to mail it, or wanted to see if anyone dropped out of the race.
Mohammad Nozari had to walk a mile-and-a-half to vote in the primary after his car broke down, "because I have to walk, that's the privilege to walk. You walk for whoever you like," he said.
Around lunchtime, the Robert L. Gilder location had a short line of voters lining up outside to fill out paperwork.
"I usually come earlier, so I was expecting a much larger line when I got here," said Shawn Lash.
Stay with ABC Action News throughout the night as ballots are counted.