70-year-old woman injured in Dover fire

Posted at 4:52 PM, Aug 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-05 23:22:48-04

Flames nearly 50 feet high swept across the trees after a reported explosion near a Dover home.

Alleged witnesses said a women was burning old newspapers and receipts in a 25-gallon barrel when the whole thing exploded.

Cell phone video shot just moments after the explosion shows the fiery scene.

The fire left 70-year-old Linda Johnson with burns on more than a quarter of her body.

"Her legs were really bad… The skin started pulling off," said Colby Davis, who shot the video.

He says he was doing landscaping down the street when he saw black smoke billowing up from behind this home.

"I came around this other side, she was laying over here dousing herself with water," said Davis.

Davis says the flames spread into the trees and nearby barn before firefighters got them under control. Fire investigators say they aren't sure what caused the explosion.

“She was asking for you the hole time, holding my hand kissing my hand, so yeah she was scared,” said Davis speaking to Johnson’s husband Jack. 

Linda's husband Jack says he was running errands when he got the call to return home.

"She has second degree burns on her back, right leg and arm," said Jack.

Jack arrived to find neighbors trying to comfort his wife as the flames continued to burn. Jack says Linda was airlifted to Tampa General Hospital.

"I'll just be praying she's ok, I know she's hurt but I'll be praying," said Davis.

The fire spread to some parts of a nearby barn, but fortunately firefighters were able to get it under control before it took the entire structure out.

Linda is expected to make a full recovery.