Gov. Scott hosts Zika roundtable in Delray Beach

Posted at 11:52 PM, Aug 11, 2016

Gov. Rick Scott hosted a Zika roundtable discussion with community leaders at the Delray Beach Health Center Friday morning.

Scott said 50 pregnant women in Palm Beach County were tested for Zika this week, but the results have not been released.

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The state is offering all school districts across Florida free bug repellent for students and staff.

However, Palm Beach County School District Superintendent Dr. Robert Avossa said Palm Beach County will decline the free bug spray unless the health department gives a standing order to do so.


On Thursday, Scott held a conference call with superintendents across the state to brief them on efforts for Zika prevention. 

All is quiet on Palm Beach County school grounds now, but on Monday campuses will be buzzing excitement from eager students.

"We just got some binders and folders and some of the teachers' wishes," said Riley Bobo who is excited to start the school year. 

This year Scott and state health officials are hoping to combat another type of buzzing by adding mosquito repellent to the back to school supply list. Students though are not allowed to bring repellent with them to school.

"I'm not worried about them spraying mosquito spray before or even during school," said Sara Bobo who is a parent.

Bobo says because there have not been any local mosquito transmissions of Zika in Palm Beach County she is not concerned.

Palm Beach County's school district is ordering schools to remove standing water after 25 people have acquired Zika locally in Miami-Dade County, including one Palm Beach County resident.

As of right now school grounds are not being sprayed. The Village of Wellington is spraying its athletic fields to reduce the mosquito population.

"Anything that can be done from a precautionary standpoint is welcomed," said Jerry Ziffer who has two seventh graders starting school in Wellington Monday.

Ziffer says they will be wearing repellent. He encourages other parents to set any example for their kids and prevent the spread of the virus in our local communities.

"They [children] don't care about it if parents don't care. Parents need to care," added Ziffer.