Firefighter injured after Plant City fire

Posted at 5:54 AM, Jan 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-28 05:54:00-05

Once a fire is out, the biggest dangers that firefighters usually face while on the job are gone with it. But the dangers of the job don't necessarily end with the fire.

A Hillsborough County firefighter was reminded of this on Wednesday night, as he helped his colleagues clean up after another tough day.

The incident was caught on camera by an ABC Action News crew covering the hard work done by firefighters to put out a house fire on Howell Road in Plant City. While helping a fire truck back up, a firefighter got tangled up in a fire hose, was dragged to the ground, and then dragged by the moving truck. The firefighter yelled "stop" several times, clearly in pain, and then yelled to the truck to move forward so he could escape.

The firefighter was conscious and alert after the incident, but was but on a stretcher and then taken to the hospital for his injuries, which appeared to be to his legs. It was not immediately clear what the extent of his injuries were.

Meanwhile, the house on Howell Road was deemed a "total loss" by firefighters with the Hillsborough County Fire Rescue unit. Neighbors tell ABC Action News that an elderly man lived in the home, although it wasn't clear if he was home at the time of the fire. The cause of the fire was not yet announced either.