Family wants answers after wedding ring of deceased husband disappears

Posted at 9:18 PM, Nov 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-11 21:18:15-05

Christina Logerwell  tears up whenever she talks about her husband, Lowell.

"He's always been a really wonderful husband," said Logerwell.

They found love in their 50's. Logerwell says all these years later it still feels like yesterday

"One of the things that he always did just tell me at least 12 times a day that he loves me."  said Logerwell.

She was a nurse at St. Joe's hospital. He was a proud Marine. They built their life together and were married for 28 years.

" We were never ever apart we did everything together," said Logerwell.

Including on the day he died. They went to the grocery store.

"I heard commotion in the back of me I went to turn around he was on the floor," she said in between tears.

They rushed him to St. Joes, the only hospital Logerwell would consider. But at 87 the fall proved to be to much. Logerwell said not only was her best friend gone but so is her most prized possession

"It matches mine. It's a circle and it's a symbol of our love I've got to have that ring, " said Logerwell.

Her ring has been missing since he passed away nearly 3 weeks ago. The Logerwell's son has been trying to track it down.

"I'm very confident that the paper trail does not match up," said Tracy Heinrich.

The paperwork from St. Joe's said the ring was on his dad's body when he went to the crematorium. The  crematorium he said claims otherwise.

"They said we cremated him we have sifted through his ashes. There is no metal there is no ring. There's no record of the ring being taken with your dad from the hospital," he said.

Action News called the cremation society and St. Joe's. Both are looking into it.. But this family is losing hope.

"I contacted your station for help I am at wit's end," sad Heinrich.

They hope someone will see this and somehow the ring will be back where it belongs.

"It's ludicrous! Just get someone on the phone that I can talk to I will look for the damn ring," said Heinrich..

"I've got to have his ring' said Logerwell. "He never ever took that ring off."