Efforts to resupply supermarkets and restaurants continue after Hurricane Irma

Posted at 5:46 PM, Sep 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-14 17:46:25-04

It could be a week or more before grocery stores are at normal operations, according to a spokesperson for Publix.

"Everything that we're doing now is logistics," Brian West, Publix spokesperson, said. "It is nearly impossible to prepare for a storm like Irma (that impacted nearly the entire state)."

Publix has about 800 stores in Florida. The vast majority are open in some capacity. West says restocking is the biggest problem right now. He says trucks are moving inventory, but the amount they're moving across the state is as if they opened another 800 supermarkets.

"Basically you're trying to hit double the capacity," he said.

Inventory at stores is different as well. While one store may have milk, eggs and water, another store may not have it stocked. He says they're noticing different needs in different pockets of the state. Power outages played a big role.

"Some stores, as soon as those items arrive, customers are wiping out the shelves again," he said.

But progress is evident. Stock can be seen where it was once bare. West says their goal is to be back at normal operations within 10 days.