Robinson High School's award-winning Marching Knights band needs new instruments and travel money

Holding a mattress sale fundraiser Saturday in gym
Robinson High's marching band needs help
Posted at 2:26 AM, Nov 07, 2017

The smallest high school in Hillsborough County is Tampa’s Robinson High.

Yet, the school has one of the largest and most well-known bands, the Marching Knights. The band is reaching out to the community for help for its huge group of student musicians.

Tubas are dented. Instruments are old and unreliable. Some students are struggling to pay instrument and traveling fees. Almost half of the students attending Robinson are considered economically disadvantaged.

Ten percent of the entire student population at Robinson is in the band, that is more than 160 kids, making the Marching Knights a core identity for the school.

“Band doesn’t leave anybody out,” says Chris Revett, the band teacher. “Everyone’s accepted in band. Some people can rent instruments, but other people can’t. So they get what’s leftover.”

And what is leftover has not been fully renewed and replenished in years. So this Saturday, the Marching Knights will be hosting an unusual fundraiser in the school’s gym. They are selling mattresses.

INFO: Marching Knights Mattress Fundraiser

“Hey, everyone needs to sleep,” says Robinson High Principal Robert Bhoolai with a smile.

Partial proceeds will go to the school's music program to help kids travel on trips and buy them new instruments, many of which can cost thousands of dollars.

The award-winning Marching Knights will host a public Salute to Veterans concert Thursday at 6:30 p.m. in the school auditorium. Admission is $5.