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Florida ranks 50th in the U.S. for most dangerous drivers around schools

CA has the most dangerous drivers around schools
Posted at 8:45 AM, Dec 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-27 08:47:29-05

Florida ranks 50th out of 51 states when it comes to dangerous drivers around schools in 2018, according to Zendrive.

The website measures driver behaviors that contribute to traffic casualties for school-aged children in the United States. From the data that Zendrive studied, driver behavior failed to improve around 90% of schools and on average, city school roads were four times more dangerous than rural school roads during the 2017-2018 school year.

California has the most dangerous drivers around schools and Wyoming ranks number one with the least dangerous drivers around schools, according to the site.

The site breaks each state down by county and each county is ranked in order of schools with best to worst drivers around them. In Florida, Sumter County has the worst drivers around schools and ranks 67th out of 67 and Gilchrist County has the best drivers around schools and ranks 1st out of 67.

Among the 11 counties in the Tampa Bay Area, Highlands County had the best ranking of 11th out of 67 and Hillsborough County had the worst ranking of 60th out of 67.

  1. Highlands County 11th out of 67
  2. DeSoto County 21st out of 67
  3. Citrus County 23rd out of 67
  4. Hardee County 29th out of 67
  5. Polk County 33rd out of 67
  6. Hernando County 34th out of 67
  7. Manatee County 45th out of 67
  8. Pasco County 46th out of 67
  9. Sarasota County 52nd out of 67
  10. Pinellas County 54th out of 67
  11. Hillsborough County 60th out of 67

In each county, the site lists schools based on best drivers and worst drivers around each school.

The Best in Hillsborough County:

  1. Countryside Montessori Academy
  2. Lamb Elementary
  3. Jennings Middle School
  4. Tinker K-8 School
  5. Martinez Middle School

The Worst in Hillsborough County:

  1. (418) New Springs Schools
  2. (419) New Springs School
  3. (420) The Broach School of Tampa
  4. (421) St. Stephen Catholic School
  5. (422) Macfarlane Park Elementary Magnet School

The Best in Pinellas County:

  1. St. Petersburg High School
  2. Woodlawn Elementary School
  3. Fitzgerald Middle School
  4. Pinellas Park High School
  5. Campbell Park Elementary School

The Worst in Pinellas County:

  1. (253) Morning Star School
  2. (254) Creative Learning Center
  3. (255) Elim Junior Academy & Child Development Center
  4. (256) Brighton Preparatory
  5. (257) St. Cecelia Interparochial School

The Best in Sarasota County:

  1. Venice Senior High school
  2. Riverview High School
  3. Sarasota Military Academy Prep
  4. Sarasota Suncoast Academy
  5. Booker Middle School

The Worst in Sarasota county:

  1. (91) Triad
  2. (92) Faith Christian Academy
  3. (93) The Florida Center for Child and Family Development
  4. (94) Ave Maria University Preparatory School
  5. (95) Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School

The Best in Pasco County:

  1. Cypress Elementary School
  2. Cotee River Elementary School
  3. New River Elementary School
  4. West Zephyrhills Elementary School
  5. Classical Preparatory School

The Worst in Pasco County:

  1. (136) Centennial Elementary School
  2. (137) Centennial Middle School
  3. (138) Faith Baptist Academy
  4. (139) Juvenile Detention Center
  5. (140) Lake Myrtle Elementary School

The Best in Manatee County:

  1. Buffalo Creek Middle School
  2. Braden River Middle School
  3. Braden River Elementary School
  4. Lakewood Ranch High School
  5. Freedom Elementary School

The Worst in Manatee County:

  1. (99) Sunshine Academy
  2. (100) St. Stephen's Episcopal School
  3. (101) Jessie P. Miller Elementary School
  4. (102) Carlos E. Haile Middle School
  5. (103) The Learning Preparatory Academy

The Best in Hernando County:

  1. Hernando County Jail
  2. Deltona Elementary School
  3. West Hernando Middle School
  4. Endeavor Academy
  5. Central High School - Adult Education

The Worst in Hernando County:

  1. (44) Nature Coast Technical High
  2. (45) Suncoast Elementary School
  3. (46) Faith Christian Academy
  4. (47) Ridge Manor Christian Academy
  5. (48) Pine Grove Elementary School

The Best in Polk County:

  1. The Vanguard School
  2. Lake Shipp Elementary School
  3. New Beginnings High School
  4. Wendell Watson Elementary School
  5. St. Paul Lutheran School

The Worst in Polk County:

  1. (203) R. Clem Churchwell Elementary School
  2. (204) Highlands Grove Elementary School
  3. (205) Spessard L Holland Elementary
  4. (206) Roosevelt Academy
  5. (207) Scott Lake Elementary School

The Best in Hardee County:

  1. FINER
  2. Bowling Green Elementary School
  3. Faith Evangelistic Academy
  4. Pioneer Career Academy
  5. Zolfo Springs Elementary School

The Worst in Hardee County:

  1. (9) Hardee Senior High School
  2. (10) North Wauchula Elementary School
  3. (11) Adult/Community Education
  4. (12) Hardee Junior High school
  5. (13) Hilltop Elementary school

The Best in Citrus County:

  1. New Testament Christian School
  2. Floral City Elementary School
  3. Eyes-E-Nini-Hassee Camp
  4. Academy of Environ. Sciences
  5. Inverness Middle School

The Worst in Citrus County:

  1. (30) Inverness Christian Academy
  2. (31) Seven Rivers Christian School
  3. (32) St. Pauls Lutheran School
  4. (33) Lecanto Primary School
  5. (34) Pope John Paul II Catholic School

The Best in DeSoto County:

  1. Spring Lake Youth Academy
  2. Early Education Center
  3. DeSoto County Adult Education Center
  4. DeSoto Virtual Instruction Program
  5. Hospital and Homebound

The Worst in DeSoto County:

  1. (10) Heritage Baptist Academy
  2. (11) DeSoto Middle School
  3. (12) DeSoto County High School
  4. (13) Nocatee Elementary School
  5. (14) Private PK Ese

The Best in Highlands County:

  1. Hill-Gustat Middle School
  2. Lake Country Elementary School
  3. Highlands Virtual Instruction Program
  4. Highlands County Schools Jail Program
  5. Highlands County Hospital/Homebound Program

The Worst in Highlands County:

  1. (27) Lake Placid Middle School
  2. (28) Lake Placid Christian School
  3. (29) Cracker Trail Elementary School
  4. (30) Parkview Pre-K
  5. (31) American Heritage Private School

NOTE: School areas with insufficient driving data were not included in the final analysis. Schools are taken from the National Center of Education Statistics. You may notice some jails, community centers and hospitals made the list; Zendrive pulled from community spaces that are seven-day-a-week destinations. Learn more about the study here.