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Drivers can't turn right on green at this Largo intersection to protect pedestrians

Posted at 3:52 PM, Dec 03, 2019

Drivers can't turn right on green at this Largo intersection and transportation leaders are studying alternatives instead of the "No Right Turn on Green."

You can see in the photo below that drivers must follow this large no-turn sign, something usually only seen with red lights.

ABC Action News has learned transportation leaders with the Florida Department of Transportation are studying alternatives to the "No Right Turn on Green" at Seminole Boulevard.

The signal is only activated when a pedestrian hits the walk signal, allowing a pedestrian to safely cross the road without cars trying to turn into the crosswalk.

"The signal has a 20 to 25 second right-turn overlaps, so there is a period of time when traffic in the right turn lane will get a green right arrows to help relieve congestion," said a spokesperson for FDOT.

The no-turn signal was installed to enhance pedestrian safety, but those who use the crosswalk said drivers either ignore it or if someone does stop and follow the sign, other drivers waiting in line start honking.

"There's a lot of pedestrian activity in this location due to the Largo Central Park and They Players School of Music," said a FDOT spokesperson.

As far as studying other alternatives, FDOT said this is not a decision that will be made quickly. They have scheduled intersection traffic counts, and any changes made to this intersection will need to be discussed with Pinellas County and the school board.