Only 13 on Lake Placid High's football team

Posted at 4:45 AM, Oct 02, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-02 04:45:32-04

At Lake Placid High School in Highlands County, band members are plenty.

There's no shortage of cheerleaders or Green Dragons' team spirit.

"The pressure is on because your whole team, we all count on each other,” said Lake Placid High Varsity Football player Ace Psaras.

And their varsity football team isn't lacking heart.

"Oh yeah, I love the game. We all love the game. That's why we're still here,” said Lake Placid High Varsity Football player James Blake.

But they are a little short on players.

"I play running back and corner,” said Lake Placid High Varsity Football player Dylan Hathaway.

You need 11 players on the field.

"Linebacker and full back,” said Lake Placid High Varsity Football player Tyler Farmer.

The Green Dragons only have 13 players on their team.

"I play fullback and defensive end, well, they moved me to linebacker so,” said Blake.

Every athlete here plays offense and defense.

"By the fourth quarter, I'm winded,” explained Farmer.

“How winded,” I asked.

“Bent over, breathing hard. You know gasping for air," he said laughing.

Some like Zach Waters made even bigger sacrifices set to play quarterback his senior year. He handed the position off to a freshman because his team desperately needed a defensive tackle.

"Next man has to step up. I love my team. It's what I had to do. Couldn't let them down,” said Waters.

The green dragons only need one bus  for the team and the cheerleaders.

Their bench stays empty.

And quitting isn't an option.

"I hold my breath every time we snap the ball so I'm probably blue,” said Head Football Coach Jerry Hudnell.

While most teams measure success by a winning record, these guys are proud to just show up.

Their season is more about quality of work ethic.

"It's just being able to play with these guys,” said Psara