Police bust barbershop for selling more than just hair cuts

Police arrest barbershop manager in drug bust
Posted at 6:06 PM, Nov 10, 2016

An East Tampa neighborhood barbershop was closed on Thursday after police found several drugs inside according to a warrant.

Records show Tampa police received a tip about the manager at the Phase Three Cuts off Lake Avenue.

The tipster told police the manager was selling drugs from the shop and agreed to go undercover twice, purchasing drugs under police surveillance.

Police obtained a search warrant for the shop and found nearly three lbs. of cocaine along with smaller amounts of meth and cocaine.

Police arrested Corey R. Bennett for intent to sell marijuana and cocaine among other charges.

“It makes me very angry,” said Rosalyn Davis, who lives in the area.

She’s mostly upset at the fact that the community has worked to clean up the neighborhood.

The shop is surrounded by homes and a housing project.

“I know we got plenty of grandmothers out there,” she said, “and we have young mothers going to work.”

While she’s relieved someone was caught, she realizes that may not be enough.

“The neighbors have to get together,” she said, “and we have to involve a team to make sure our neighborhood is clean.”