Man shoots gun into Hernando Co. neigborhood

Posted at 6:49 PM, Mar 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-25 00:32:43-04
Investigators were called to Cimmaron Way in Hernando County last week because a man was shooting a gun off into the air in busy neighborhood.   
Deputies said the man responsible was William DeHayes.  
A deputy said he could smell alcohol on the breath of DeHayes when he responded.
DeHayes is the same man who shot and killed Katherine Hoover in 2014.  
Hoover's mother, Donna Bryan, is upset that he was never charged.  She can't believe the news of this latest arrest. 
"I'm trying to warn people because he is out shooting is guns again," said Bryan.
Deputies charged DeHayes with a misdemeanor.
Bryan has been spending a lot of time researching the law since July 2014.  Katherine's unborn baby also died in the shooting.
Hernando County deputies said William DeHayes accidentally killed Katherine while showing off his gun collection.
"It was gun-slinging that he learned off YouTube and that put a whole new light on the situation," said Bryan.
Investigators ruled the shooting an accident, but Bryan believes DeHayes should be held responsible.
"I want him charged for killing my daughter and grandson. I want him punished for what he did," said Bryan.  "Justice hasn't been served."
Prosecutors told ABC Action News that they thoroughly reviewed the case, but their conclusion is still that this was a tragic accident.  
They said Donna would need to provide new evidence in the case to have it reopened.
Bryan plans to fight the decision not to prosecute.  She filed a petition on
"I'm not going to sit back and have people tell me, "Oh well, he killed her," said Bryan.