HCSO investigating string of Riverview car break-ins

Surveillance camera captures thieves in the act
Posted at 12:46 AM, Jan 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-19 06:34:33-05
Neighbors are stepping up home security tactics after several break-ins in Riverview. 
"It makes me feel very uneasy," said Christina Sommer. 
Neighbors in the Moss Landing subdivision are fed up after a string of home and vehicle burglaries.  
Sommer recently installed eight security cameras to ease her concerns after someone got inside the family's locked truck and snatched her husband's pistol. 
"Which he takes in every night and so the one time he left it in there, they got it," said Sommer. 
It's part of a growing trend in the neighborhood as investigators say groups of juveniles are casing the streets, looking for an easy score. 
Hillsborough County investigators are reviewing home surveillance video from Friday that shows two young adults lurking in Riverview, attempting to burglarize vehicles along Holly Creek Drive. 
"They simply just walk through, try door handles, if it's locked, they move to the next one," said Larry McKinnon with HCSO.  
Hillsborough County deputies have responded to several reports of break-ins this month in both Moss Landing and neighboring Rivercrest.  
According to McKinnon, guns are the hot item thieves are after. 
"That's the jackpot of their endeavors for a night's work," said McKinnon. "They want to go in there and find these firearms." 
Sommer tells ABC Action News, five guns were recently swiped from cars parked on her block.  
"It is a whole different ballgame because they mean business," said Sommer. "They're obviously not afraid to use it if they're going to get it out of of your car." 
While Sommer's truck was locked, investigators say the overwhelming majority of car thefts stem from vehicles left unlocked. 
HCSO believes the growing use of keyless entry and electronic key fobs may play a factor in people forgetting to lock up.