Crash victims' children enjoy Busch Gardens day

Posted at 7:54 PM, Jan 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-17 01:30:28-05

Overwhelming outreach continues to pour in for a family coping with tragedy.  A couple from Georgia was killed in a car crash on Halloween .  Their four surviving children are now living with family in Sarasota.  This weekend, a new show of support was made to the family.

Posing for a family photo at Busch Gardens, you'd never know the heartache the Howard family has endured.  Four children are now without parents aftert a Halloween night car crash.  They're now being raised by their aunt and grandmother.

"They're taking it okay. I don't think it's really hit them yet because it hasn't been so long, you know," said aunt Sharlee Dismuke.

Saturday they had a chance to relax and just be kids, while also celebrating two of the children's birthdays, Daimean and Amiah.  Busch Gardens treated all four Howard kids, their friends and family to a free day at the park.

"I'm glad that they did come so i get to spend more time with them," said Justin Howard, one of the children who lost his parents.

The kids and their family got to take in all the sights and enjoy some rides.  Because they kids are animal lovers, their favorite part of the day was checking out all the wildlife.

"I've seen cheetahs, giraffes, zebras, lions, hyenas, meerkats, hippos, so many animals!  It's amazing," said Justin Howard.

For their family, seeing the joy on their faces, helps wipe away some of their hurt and takes their minds off all they've been through.

"I think it means a lot because they can enjoy it with their friends and family at the same time.  We got here early  so we could have a long day and they have a lot to do," said Dismuke.

And the entire family is grateful for the generosity of so many in the community in helping them make new, happy memories, together.

A Go Fund Me page to pay for the college expenses of the Howard kids is still very active and now approaching a half million dollars.  If you'd like to help, the page can be found here: