Central Florida women knitting to help NICU and grieving families

A special "Threads of Love" delivery
Posted at 5:04 PM, Oct 25, 2017

With each loop and ever pull of yearn, the ladies of Threads of Love are creating comfort for families facing the unimaginable.

"We sew gowns for babies who are lost or are born too soon," Barbara Radonovich said.

Radonovich founded the Central Florida chapter of Threads of Love. She also lost her own grandson shortly after his birth. 

The faith-based chapter of 25 women, called All God's Children, meets once a month. They craft the baby items mostly from home including burial gowns, lovies, burp cloths, blankets and pillows. 

The ladies delivered more than 300 items to the NICU at Tampa General Hospital. 

"I think it's amazing that there are women out there that will make things for preemies," Alexis Mills said.

Her son, Joshua, was born months early at a little more than 3 pounds. They gifted Joshua a tiny blue hat and prayed with him. 

"I've been here for six days and it gets lonely. My husband can't always come up. The fact that they were bold enough to pray is awesome," Mills said. 

Mills said Joshua is thriving and she hopes to bring him home in a few days. She also said she'll think of his strength each time she looks at the hat for years to come. 

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