Autism-friendly Santa coming to Tampa Bay area malls

Posted at 10:27 PM, Nov 18, 2016

Taking a trip to the mall during the holiday season to see Santa can be very overwhelming for a child who suffers from autism. But, thanks to Autism Speaks, your child can have a sensory-friendly visit with Santa this year. 

Autism Speaks is thrilled to once again be partnering with the Noerr Programs Corporation on their Sensory-Friendly Santa programs. The Caring Santa (a partnership with SIMON Malls), Santa Cares and Sensitive Santa (a partnership with Washington Prime Group Malls) programs all provide families that have children with autism and other special needs with the opportunity to connect with Santa in a special way. The events provide a more controlled and welcoming environment to visit Noerr’s Santa Photo Experience.

On Sundays, November 20 and December 4, for two hours prior to the mall opening, over 180 malls across the country will be offering a sensory-friendly Santa experience. Included are some Tampa Bay malls. 


To participate you must register (click link above) to schedule an appointment with Santa at the private event just for families with special needs.

Now, no child has to miss out on taking their photo with Santa this holiday season!