8 words to use to describe yourself on a job interview

8 words to use to describe yourself on a job interview
Posted at 1:21 PM, Aug 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-18 13:22:06-04

The objective of a job interview is to make yourself as attractive as possible to the potential employer, but how do you really set yourself apart from the other candidates? says you should use certain words to describe yourself for a better chance at getting the job.

Team player, driven, meticulous, communicative, reliable, impactful, persistent, and flexible are all words the site says potential employers are looking to hear.

When you use the phrase “team player,” they say this is a big one, really showing the potential employer that you are willing to work with everyone to reach that common goal.

“Driven” would seem self-explanatory, but the site adds you should really try to use adjectives that show you’re not just showing up for the paycheck, but rather you want a career.  You want a place where you can really advance.

The next one is easier said than done.  Describe yourself to the person interviewing you as a “meticulous” employee.  That shows you are a person who pays close attention to detail and that aspects of your job are not falling through the cracks.

“Flexible” is also a good one. This is another trait that will set you apart.  Think about it.  The boss wants to know that you will be willing to help in the event something happens and they need someone to help and pick up the slack.

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