3 crazy new apps to help you find love

Posted at 2:10 AM, Oct 05, 2015

The hottest way to find love is probably Tinder, but before you swipe right – think twice!

There are lots of other apps popping up to help you find that dream internet date that aren’t just about hot or not.

This new generation of apps helps your connect over shared interests: The List’s Donna Ruko says these three apps are What’s Trending in the dating world.

Popular Dating Apps

1.  Sizzl

Can’t eat a meal without Bacon?  This is your app to find love.  It helps you connect with you bacon soul mate.

2.  Bristler

If you love beards you’ll love Bristler.  It’s referred to as the “tinder for beards” and after you’ve given out a heart the conversation begins.

3.  Meet Me Outside

Don’t want to go on one of those awkward coffee dates?  Fitness enthusiasts unite!  This app connects people looking for adventure and wellness.