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Mountain Dew’s Newest Permanent Flavor Hits Shelves Officially Next Month

Mountain Dew’s Newest Permanent Flavor Hits Shelves Officially Next Month
Posted at 7:44 AM, Dec 30, 2020

Mountain Dew has added a number of flavors to its lineup over the years, and it looks like its latest addition will be here to stay. The brand’s Major Melon soda is set to be officially introduced in January 2021, and the new flavor will be a permanent offering.

Back in September 2020, some leaked materials from PepsiCo popped up on Reddit, causing speculation about what the new flavor tastes like and when it would be available.

“Sill not sure how I feel about this concept since I don’t like artificial watermelon flavor, but I’ll have to try it,” wrote one user. “Either way the pics I’ve seen have been on point, I’m a huge fan of this design.”

And indeed, it now looks as though Mountain Dew’s new pink melon-flavored drink is already rolling out at grocery stores around the U.S.

People on social media are pretty excited about the new flavor.

@SkylledDev tweeted that he’s “so here for it”:

According to @ComicBook NOW! the new flavor is already on some store shelves:

Other people on Reddit and elsewhere are also reporting seeing it around. Instagram’s @i_need_a_snack_ was among the first to post that they found the product at a regional Walmart.

@Jeff_Carlito thinks the debut of the new flavor is “the most refreshing news of 2020 so far”:

Walmart and Meijer have listings for the new soda flavor on their sites, so look out for it at those retailers soon. As the worst of winter weather sets in around the country, a soda that tastes like a fine summer day sounds like a great treat!

Back in August 2020, Mountain Dew introduced Mountain Dew Spark, a pink-colored soda that tastes like raspberry lemonade. It was available at select Speedway locations across the country for a limited time.

Other flavors from the brand over the past couple of years have included Mountain Dew VooDew, a candy corn-flavored soda for Halloween; Merry Mashup, a cranberry and pomegranate-flavored soda released for the winter holidays in 2018; and the return of Mountain Dew Baja Blast in 2018.

Will you give Mountain Dew Major Melon a try in the new year?

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