Couple shocked by reason for refund delay

Posted at 6:45 PM, May 05, 2016

A South Tampa couple trusted a professional with their tax return. But then found they could not spend the $1500 dollars coming back to them. You won't believe why.

Every year at tax time we hear from some of you regarding issues with delayed returns but what happened to Jan and Bruce Young was a first.

Retiree Bruce Young enjoys spending his spare time planting and pruning around the house which is why the call notifying his wife of his death came as a shock. Even more strange the news came from the Young's tax preparer, H&R Block.

According to the couple the tax giant blamed Bruce's death as the reason they were not able to access their nearly $1500 tax refund.

The Youngs say H&R Block should have put the funds on a gift card that spends like a Visa gift card. Bruce and Jan claim the company refused to add the funds to the account even after the couple confirmed through Social Security Bruce was very much alive.

Then they made a call for action. We asked H&R Block to review their claim. 24 hrs later the situation was resolved and the Young’s credit card reactivated with their full refund.