Shippers collect money up front then lose car

Posted at 5:58 PM, Jun 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-03 01:57:31-04

When the Navy shipped her son to California a Pinellas County mother says she tried to help him with the transition but one company made it very difficult. Desiree Bell made a call for action after getting nowhere on her own.

This Navy mom needed to get her son's car from Pinellas County to California. She hired a shipping company based on their online reviews. Then she says they lost his ride.

$1,036 dollars, that's how much Desiree Bell paid Dependable Auto Shippers to transport her son's sedan from Pinellas county to California.

They picked up the vehicle on April 17th. By May 2nd the delivery date Bell says she started calling the company.

Bell says one rep told her the car made it to the California terminal but the terminal could not confirm, another call informed this customer her son’s ride was still sitting in Tampa.

This consumer is not alone. We found 280 complaints and an F rating on the Better Business Bureau's website. On May 10th ABC Action News contacted DAS on the family’s behalf.

DAS never answered our questions but 12 days later they delivered the car to a very relieved corpsman.

You can background a company in minutes by checking out what customers are saying on their Facebook page and sites like the and Yelp. In this case it could have saved a military family weeks of stress.