There is a medical feature hidden in your iPhone that could save your life

Many first responders don't know it exists
Posted at 5:31 PM, Jun 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-09 18:50:32-04

Firefighters and paramedics all over the bay area often respond to calls involving a patient who has lost consciousness or can’t answer the most basic of questions.

In many cases emergency workers must act on little more than a victim’s symptoms. The more information the better, according to Hillsborough County Fire Chief Dennis Jones. What he and many responders don't know is that every iPhone comes with a medical ID feature.

Harry Castaldo filled out the medical ID feature on his iPhone. The screen also lists his seafood allergy in case of emergency.

Medical ID could help save your life. It was only after we pointed this out did the Hillsborough County Fire Department make it be mandatory training for 900 plus firefighters and first responders.

Now every single first responder must log onto a training module for a quick course on the iPhone medical feature. It can be accessed thru the emergency screen even if the phone is locked. It takes seconds for rescue workers to get critical information.

For Android users there are various medical ID apps they can download from the Google Play store. At least one shows the medical information on the emergency screen once a patient enters a hospital with certain ID technology.