Lost cellphone led to couple's credit concerns

Posted at 6:42 PM, Dec 17, 2015

A Tampa couple says they'd paid for the same cellphone carrier for years, but then one of them lost their phone.

What should have been a simple transaction turned into a six-month ordeal that threatened their credit.

This all started last April when Kenny Kawiecki could not find his phone. Little did he know the trouble that would cause.

Handwritten notes log hours of calls Kenny Kawiecki said he made to Sprint beginning last May.

Kawiecki and his wife Ann showed me month after month of bills Sprint sent after they closed the account. They estimate speaking to seven or eight different consumer service staffers in the last seven months.

But then the headache turned to worry. The couple got hit with two collection agency notices. That is when they made a call for action.

After hearing from Ann and Dennis we contacted Sprint's corporate office. A spokesperson responded the next day via email: “We apologized to the customer for our error in not properly processing the cancelation and will be looking into the matter more closely internally.”

Any time you receive a collection notice and you get it resolved be sure to check with all three credit bureaus and find out if it appears on your credit report. If so, you need to contact the company that hired the collection agency and have them contact all the credit bureaus to have the report removed or you can file a dispute yourself.