Termite infestation haunts renters

Renters' rights when it comes to bugs
Posted at 1:22 PM, Jul 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-14 19:09:15-04

The Hanson family met their room-mates months after renting this Tampa home. Termite swarming in the kitchen make cooking dinner all but impossible.

Sue Hanson says she called the property manager multiple times. Waypoint Homes sent out pest control to spot treat the home but it had little effect on the termites.

After looking at the Hanson’s home video and pictures we contacted both Waypoint and City of Tampa Code Enforcement. After inspecting the home code officer Angeline Johnson called the property manager.

The city gave Waypont 21 days to get rid of the termites. Then the company sent us this statement.

“We have notified the resident of the steps we are willing to take to successfully resolve this unfortunate issue. In addition to providing alternative housing accommodations free of charge, we are prepared to terminate the lease without penalty at any time.”

The company offered to let the Hansons move out and promised to return their $1200 deposit.

According to Code Enforcement in both Hillsborough county and the City of Tampa, bugs and infestations are the landlord's responsibility unless otherwise stated in your lease. No matter where you live if you are dealing with bug issues check your lease then contact your local code enforcement office. Officers can fine landlords who don't comply.