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Tampa Bay residents report scary explosions involving tempered glass in their homes, cars

Tempered glass explodes under certain conditions
Posted at 11:11 AM, Feb 19, 2018

From sunroofs to sinks it is likely something in your home is made of tempered glass. It's suppose to be the safer option but we found people here in the Tampa Bay area and across the country are reporting scary explosions in their cars and homes.

The explosion in the middle of the night scared Jodi Platt and her son. She raced to the bathroom where she found the sink in a million pieces.

In Michelle Laney's case her sunroof shattered as she drove down Bruce B. Downs Blvd. last year.

Tempered glass is often considered the safer option in household goods and sunroofs because it shatters into round pieces versus sharp shards. But experts say it can be prone to spontaneous shattering due to the slightest crack or manufacturing defect.

We checked with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and found 400 sunroof related complaints and two dozen people who came home and say they found glass every where after a sink exploded.

One man said his sink blew up and cut his legs and ankles. Another consumer says her sink blew up while washing her hands — her glasses spared her eyes.

Age doesn't appear to be the issue as much as microscopic damage or defects that can magnify internal stress and trigger an explosion.

There is no way to know if this can or will happen but when it comes to anything in your home have it professionally installed and avoid using abrasive cleaners.