Stranger steps in to help a family devastated by their son's death

Family could not afford a gravestone
Posted at 5:22 PM, May 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-04 17:22:22-04

A freak accident on I- 275 took the life of a Tampa man in March. Leo Landin's death devastated his sister and his parents. Now a stranger who heard of their loss is stepping in to help.

That Friday morning in March started out like any other. Leo Landin kissed his mother goodbye and headed to work.

Hours later a piece of road debris crashed into Leo’s windshield as he drove down I-275. The 33-year-old died a day later.

The air in the Landin living room was thick with sadness as Leo’s mother Rosa,  father Leo and sister Laura shared their heartbreak.

The accident devastated the family financially as well. Leo and his dad were the two bread winners in the home.

The Landin’s said they had no way to properly mark Leo’s final resting place.

They had no idea a local business woman, Tammy Levent, had heard about the accident and contacted ABC Action News to see how she could help.

We relayed the family's need for $1,300 to cover the cost of a head stone.

22 years ago a car crash severely injured both of Levent’s children. And something about Leo's accident reminded her of that day.

Levent used social media to raise the funds for the Landin’s which she hand delivered. For Leo's dad it's a gift he'd give anything not to need.

Leo Landin's grave stone should be put into place next week.